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Of Course I Still Luv You Toothpaste Selahatin 65ml

Capturing the inherently romantic and intimate essence of Selahatin, Of Course I Still Luv You is a tribute to hope and fidelity. Under a spell of citrusy verbena and bergamot, draped in exotic and mysterious cardamom and a holy union between woody pine and aromatic juniper, a picturesque tale of young innocent love and spring blossoms.


Verbena, bergamot, cardamom & pine




        A four-dimensional rejuvenating whitening process gentle enough for daily use.


        1. Deep cleansing (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
        2. Exfoliating (Hydrated Silica)
        3. Polishing and light-reflecting (Hydroxyapatite)
        4. Enamel-bleaching (Sodium Bicarbonate)


        • Anti-inflammatory Limonene from Citrus fruit and antioxidant Edelweiss extract boosts bacterial balance and maintains healthy gums
        • The natural amino acid Betaine moisturises and nourishes
        • Mineralising Hydroxypatite provides proactive care for sensitive teeth

        Of Course I Still Luv You Toothpaste Selahatin 65ml