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Areej Attar Collection 100ml

The image of a woman in the Middle East is inextricably associated with the refined scent of flowers. If the fragrance had a soul, it would appear as a beautiful, perfectly elegant lady who has manners and tact – she does not play with her emotions, does not surprise, does not try to attract attention, she is just living her life.


The silk of her dress softly rustles, the shawl casually falls from her shoulders, she has a gentle smile, impeccable makeup – she is calm and self-confident. She is a symbol of perfection! Her fragrance comprises a peony and tender magnolia, whose pink petals are slowly dissolving into a soft milk foam. Vanilla combined with a violet leaves absolute and a note of benzoin.


Top notes: Rose Peony, White Flowers, Magnolia.

Middle notes: Vanilla, Violet Leaves Absolute, Talc.

Base notes: White Musk, Amber, Powder.

Areej Attar Collection 100ml


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