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Niche Fragrances for a Father's Day Gift

Forget the socks and shaving creams this year; treat your dad or partner with something more memorable for Father's Day – a real niche perfume!

Fragrances come and go, but these 5 unique niche perfumes have stood the test of time for all the right reasons, and we're sure your lucky man will understand the hype too. So, whether you're buying a gift from yourself or on behalf of the kids, keep reading to make dad's day with a helping hand from Scents City.

If soft and subtle is your father's vibe when it comes to fragrances, then we highly recommend Beyond The Wall by Gritti.

Beyond The Wall by Gritti takes the best from the Middle Eastern style, overlaying its warm, comforting mood with clear, delicate structures of European perfumery: milk and cardamom, golden spicy powder and smooth, subtle iris.

Sandor 70's Carner Barcelona

Sandor '70s by Carner Barcelona is rich and spicy in the aroma; it's daring and masculine. This leathery tobacco fragrance will transport you to one of Barcelona's most iconic bars of the '70s, where the smoke of cigars flirted with the aristocratic leather armchairs.

Aube Rubis Atelier des Ors

Aube Rubis by Atelier des Ors is a sensual fragrance for the man who celebrates timeless sophistication. Inspired by dawn and the circle of life, Aube Rubis celebrates light and life. An opening of grapefruit and blackcurrant speaks of the early morning coolness. The fragrance closes on a rich and warm accord with the sensual elegance of sage and earthy patchouli.

Elegant and modern, Royal Vintage by M.Micallef reveals a remarkably refined scent. Your father's spirits will be lifted all day long and beyond with its powerful notes of bergamot, pink pepper and apple.

Striking out with the manly, spicy notes of ginger and cardamom, Eau de Cologne by Les Bains Guerbois enters a richly wooden heart of patchouli, cedar and mystic papyrus before mellowing into the warm sweetness of musk, amber and sacred Frankincense.

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