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Niche Perfume for Your Wedding Day

Choosing a perfume for your wedding day might be one of the loveliest tasks on your wedding to-do list. Scents bring out emotions, and since your wedding day will be one of the best experiences in your life, the fragrance you choose will hold those beautiful memories.

So, to help you make a choice, we've selected five of the most timeless, elegant and unique fragrances that will highlight your wedding day.

Adèle by Gritti is a soft, sensual, elegant floral perfume. It creates a creamy exotic bouquet enriched with soft, milky shades of white flowers and narcissus. A perfectly dreamy blend for a glowing summer bride.

Tardes by Carner Barcelona is a floral woody musk fragrance; it pays tribute to the peace and harmony of a late summer afternoon — a pure, serene, and enveloping scent. Celebrate your big day with this charming perfume for truly mesmerising memories.

Nuda Veritas by Atelier des Ors is soft and luxurious, just right for a wedding! The perfume unfolds with a delicate floral heart of jasmine and osmanthus encased in layers of textural whiteness, full of hope and yearning.

We couldn't talk about wedding perfumes without including M. Micallef. So many weddings are occurring on the Medeterenian coast, so it's fitting to choose a fragrance inspired by the seaside. Royan Muska is infused with the creamy sensuality of ylang-ylang and roses. The benzoin and ripe fruit base put a delicious twist on the composition, giving it a tropical aura.

Cafè Chantant by Nobile 1942 is a charming floral woody musk fragrance.

In Italian jargon, "chantant" means "sciantosa" a type of extreme and almost flirtatious femininity. It is an interpretation of vanilla in its most sensual shade, perfect for a wedding.

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