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2024 Fragrance Trends

As each new season beckons, we eagerly adopt new lip colours, hunt for the latest nail polish shades, and even tweak our skincare routines to match the latest trends. But what about perfume? Do you find yourself switching to a richer, more intense scent when winter arrives? If so, it might be time to revolutionize your fragrance collection. Explore the upcoming perfume trends of 2024.

2024 Fragrance Trends

1. Breaking Gender Boundaries

Unisex fragrances are no longer a novelty, but in 2024, they'll continue to rise in popularity. With the theme of gender identity resonating strongly in society, fragrances that blur traditional gender lines are gaining momentum. Instead of sticking to stereotypically "masculine" or "feminine" notes, venture into the realm of woody or aquatic accords. Sharing a fragrance with your partner might just become the new norm.

Energizer Boadicea 100ml

Energizer Boadicea

A unisex fragrance of positivity and reflection. Uplifting with energetic and dancing citrus tones that take you away from the every day, yet its true beauty lies in its calm and muted musky notes.

Top notes: Grapefruit, Petitgrain, Lime, Bergamot.

Middle notes: Orange, Lemon and Musk.

Base note: Vetyver.

2. Fragrance Layering

Uniqueness and authenticity are key in 2024. The days of relying on a single perfume from a well-known advertisement are waning. Instead, embrace fragrance layering. Forget the age-old rule against mixing scents; just do it thoughtfully.

When layering, begin with a stronger fragrance and follow it with a lighter one, allowing each to shine. Combining fragrances with at least one common ingredient works best. Floral scents are forgiving and blend well with most notes, especially fruity accords. Spice notes complement woody and oriental scents. But remember, creativity knows no bounds.

3. The Essence of Sustainability

Sustainability has transcended societal concerns to become a focal point in the fragrance world. In 2024, this extends to both the ingredients and packaging. Pay attention to the sourcing of perfume ingredients and opt for refillable bottles. Synthetic ingredients and upcycling are gaining traction, with some companies utilizing leftover spices or wood from other industries. However, be cautious of greenwashing. True sustainability requires thorough research and data, not just claims on the packaging.

Esseantial Parfumes

Essential Parfums

Essential Parfumes is committed to sustainability in every aspect of its fragrance production.

They prioritize natural and sustainable raw materials, including beetroot-derived alcohol and no artificial colouring. Their fragrances are 86% to 93% natural, and their glass supplier uses eco-friendly production methods.

Additionally, our FSC-certified paper packaging is fully recycled, and we avoid plastic in our outer packaging to protect the environment.

4. Unconventional Ingredients

Tired of the same old rose, sandalwood, and bergamot? In 2024, dare to experiment with unusual ingredients that may sound like a mad chef's menu. Rice, sesame, seaweed, ginger, cannabis—these could be your new signature scents. Are you ready to broaden your olfactory horizons?

Phantasma Les Liquides Imaginaires
Phantasma Les Liquides Imaginaires

With its mysterious blend of unusual scents, this fragrance ensures your seduction and increases your charisma, allowing you to embrace your innermost impulses. Top notes: Black Tea, Yuzu, Rice Powder. Middle notes: Ginger, Juniper. Base notes: Sensual Wood.

5. Functional Fragrances

Perfume's purpose isn't just to make you smell nice; it can also influence your mood. 2024 introduces fragrances designed to evoke specific emotions. Spritz jasmine or lavender for relaxation or mint and citrus to boost your energy. Harness the power of perfumes to the fullest extent.

Riviera Sunrise Atelier des Ors

Riviera Sunrise Atelier des Ors

Riviera Sunrise captures and transforms the beauty of these fleeting moments of happiness as an ode to the indescribable charm of the French Riviera. Top Notes: Lemon, Mandarin and Orange Essences. Heart Notes: Fig Leaves Accord, Basil, Orange Blossom. Base Notes: Vetiver Essence, Cedarwood Essence, Musk.

6. Nude Fragrances

In 2024, nude perfumes will be like a light, intimate garment for your senses. These fragrances exude delicacy, cleanliness, airiness, and powdery notes, often featuring rose, musk, amber, or cashmere. The beauty of nude fragrances lies in their uniqueness on each wearer, symbolizing our desire for closeness and intimacy. They send a clear message: come closer and discover their essence.

Aldhèyx Laurent Mazzone Parfums

Aldhèyx Laurent Mazzone Parfums

Aldhèyx by Laurent Mazzone Parfums is a Fresh and Powdery fragrance. The scent of remembrance. An indelible imprint, that of a sensual eternity. Top notes: Aldehydes and Bergamot. Middle notes: Heliotrope and Jasmine. Base notes: White Musk and Cashmere.

Explore the world of 2024 fragrances, where breaking boundaries, layering scents, sustainability, unique ingredients, and functional blends redefine the art of perfumery. Embrace the fragrance trends of the future and create your olfactory masterpiece.

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