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Petit chocolatier Nobile 1942 trio 30ml

Dedicated to children, kings and queens of our life, to discover the magical world of fragrances by playing with them! Alla Corte del Re is a colourful and precious box that Nobile1942 created for the little ones to bring them closer to the world of perfumes. 


In four versions, Rosa Incantevole, Cedro Atlas, Le Petit Chocolatier and Bon Bon, it contains three 30 ml fragrances that could be combined to create other delicious perfumes. Thanks to the vademecum included in the box,  the little ones will be able to understand the basics to become true perfume experts, learning some simple notions and then move on to practice and play mixing the three fragrances as recommended in the same guide or, maybe, also adding some imaginative notes.


To realise Alla Corte dei Re, Nobile1942 commissioned the Robertet laboratory in Grasse to create overlapping fragrances that could generate different emotions around a predominant raw material.


Behind the simple gesture of perfuming, there is a hidden and fascinating world because the sense of smell is one of the senses we use less consciously. The olfactory memory is congenital and has no age.

Petit chocolatier Nobile 1942 trio 30ml


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