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Desert Suave Les Liquides Imaginaires 100ml

Desert Suave is a fragrance that captures the essence of an imaginary land in the midst of a vast arid expanse. At sunset, the coolness of the moon is dreamt of, and at dawn, the pure, blinding light of the sun blazes through the sand dunes. The wind sweeps up a fantastical world of hallucinatory aspirations and spiritual thirsts.


This fragrance borrows from travellers passing through the oasis to blend rose and orange blossom in its delicious trail. The scent of lush vegetation of date palms provides water and shade, creating a theatre of wonder, bewitching sensuality and floating feasts.


Top notes: Indian Cardamom, Italian Mandarin, Clove Extra Pure.

Middle notes: Orange Blossom From North Africa, Rose, Date.

Base notes: Spanish Cistus, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Moroccan Atlas Cedar

Desert Suave Les Liquides Imaginaires 100ml


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